Meet the Economical Dodge Grand Caravan

People that drive the new Dodge Grand Caravan love their vehicles for the space and versatility they provide. However, the latest models are now more economical than ever. Save money while enjoying the ride.

The family-sized minivans feature fuel-saving technology that adjusts the timing of the engine and shifting between gears. Simply push the “econ” button and start saving. The uniquely designed tires create less resistance, which also helps save on fuel.

The new engines are designed to be more efficient, yet have the hauling power when needed. The more than capable 3.6-liter V6 engine gets up to 25 mpg on the highway. You also have the option of filling the tank with unleaded gas having an octane rating of 87 or use E85 fuel. Take a look at all of the new Dodge Grand Caravan amenities and possibilities at Grand Junction Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Let the whole family enjoy a test drive.



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