Windshield Wiper’s Unmatched Value

The role of windshield wiper fluid in road safety is more important than many drives think. In order to clearly see what is in front of you when driving around Grand Junction, it is crucial to keep a clean windshield.

Water should never be used as replacement when you've used up all your car's wiper fluid. Doing this becomes especially problematic in colder weather. Due to water's much higher freezing point, it will turn to ice quickly. Then it will no longer be useful for keeping the glass clear and your visibility will be impaired. Real wiper fluid is specially designed to have a much lower freezing point to prevent this issue. Second, real wiper fluid cleans better than plain water because of the detergents and cleaning solvents it is made with. Consult the Grand Junction Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram service team now if you have any questions about the importance of keeping your car's windshield wiper fluid topped off.

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